Saturday, January 14, 2012


like finally...its a brand new year, i've officially finished my college life(results-pray hard)
too many things happened last year..some good,some really bad..
i lost things that i precious most..(yes..fuuuu)
but still a nice year...
spent my Christmas and new year countdown alone..due to stupid TARC exam(and lack of friend)
gonna head back penang..and a few mths ltr who officially a working excuses anymore on financial probs and stuff..cuz im an adult and i need to suck it up.. years resolution
as im still come interview if ur interested..
and i really do hope i can graduate successfully and have a nice work offer.. 
and...everyones so into memes now huh...and they are fking cute..
 done my shopping this year..less is better.haha
but still overspent tis year..

saw this book with yongkai during shopping and present hunting..u noe i wun go into book stores..i didnt even took the rm200 book vouchers
yongkai laughed his ass out to this
gonna say goodbye to my lovely wangsa and hi to my future..ciao

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