Wednesday, August 17, 2011


It's exam time~
pressures are filling my dun feel weird if u felt dat i gain fat..
everyone needs a break from the exam rite?(ok...its just the first paper only)
so classmates n yk went to somewhere called metro prima??
for some nice bak kut teh
(nvr able to resist bkt)

 the place is called kaka...
did u found out dat the pics are abit blur...
yea...cuz i only realise dat my filters were broken...
luckily they din made scratches to the lens..
seems ok?
how bout tis?

broken filter...
im not a pro in photographies..
but i gain a new knowledge today..
broken filters actually wouldnt affect the pictures taken..o.o

p/s: i always think dat it hard to be single..but its always harder to hear ppls relationship probs..
      i hate those probs so much...why cant they jus stay happily ever after?
      y those asses can have girls so easily while me stuck in my single retard life for almost forever now?
      but its ok...i enjoyed it...rather than those soap opera thingy dat would really kill ppl~

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