Friday, August 26, 2011


I have 4 hours left to my last paper in my year 2 sem 1..
online chatting blogging packing...all but reading....
come on, how ur gonna study while every1s cheering for raya?
some words  to my friends out there..
to ms. sheauhui...ur 1st..cuz you said that i dont like sing k..that is so not true k?haha..i just dont wanna spoil your ears..
to mr. Kai..your one of my best friend for at least till now...lifes hard when your so dry and going for hard missions(you know its bout girls)..i cant really say anything bout it..but it would be the least of me seeing you emo again..
to ms.Sis...good luck on the laser surgery and stay pretty
to mr Clot...dont be so sensitive..its yours it will be..
to mr had the roughest shocked and bitter..good luck today
to current classmates...i had wonderful time futsal-ing movie-ing and assignment-ing with ya'all..may the remain semester still rocks..
to ms Hsi..congrate?if its've been waiting for so long..and he would be the best person for you..hope ya be happy
to you reader..u said u read my actually happy..cuz i dont think there is still more than 5 people reading this lousy blog..
i promised to say some bad words of you..heres some
you're so bad cuz you are way too nice to every one
you're so bad as you're the girl why guys needed the degree theory
you're so bad cuz you laughed at so many things
oh ya...ur also bad cuz you made me less emo..haha(this is a lie)

i wrote this cuz i know most of you wouldnt read this maybe it would be a good testament if i had an accident or something?who knows huh?
going back penang means i will have no internet access for the next three ciao

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